Hand Dyed Cross Stitch Fabric
by To Dye For Fabrics

Blue to Blue/Green Shades

Click on any photo to see a larger photo of the fabric color.
All fabrics are colorfast and preshrunk

Muted Color Shades

New fabric photos with a DMC floss color that is the closest match to the fabric color will be made from now onward. I will backtrack with already photographed colors as much as I can. Thank you to Nina Wadhams for suggesting that I should put which DMC thread color closely matches each fabric color. I love receiving suggestions that will help make choosing a fabric color easier. Many of my hand dyed fabric colors don't match a DMC thread color closely so instead of just listing a DMC number like I was doing for the Ice Dyed fabrics, I'm going to take a thread toss photo. These photos will replace the larger photos on my website and in my Etsy store.